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The Web Design Process


Initial Brief

The first stage involves a client briefing from you. This is a creative process, and any ideas will need room to move and grow into what is good for the site. We can help you outline and define the requirements as you progress.

The purpose of the brief is to help us familiarise ourselves with you and your business needs, your background, your story or vision. This is also an important stage to examine your existing resources, and to consider any third parties you may need to involve—such as copy writers, photographers, image sourcing, specialty programmers, web hosting and such.



After the brief is complete we develop a written proposal for the project, outlining Realise4’s understanding to date, and any suggestions about the project direction. This proposal also documents pricing, schedules, responsibilities, licensing, copyright and other technical aspects.


Proposal Acceptance

The proposal is submitted and accepted, Realise4 will then invoice an agreed percentage upon startup which will set the design and production process into motion, according to the following seven stages.

Seven Stages of Design and Production


Website: Planning

The planning stage identifies project goals, content requirements, available resources and considers any third-party suppliers—such as writers, photographers or specialised programmers.


Website: Information Architecture

Working out the content relationships, forming content groups into categories, pages, and integration of any specific features. At this stage, Realise4 create tree-diagrams and linework diagrams (wireframes) to help visualise the structure, or information architecture. Realise4 also begin the coordination of any content providers.


Website: Visual Concepts

This stage develops the graphic design of the known content and architecture, while applying the look-and-feel of your business visual identity. Using PhotoShop, these visual concepts take the form of digital graphics and are not yet actual web code. Realise4 usually present two designs to view — each with a home page, and one for the secondary (sub-page) pages. These visual concepts will be modified with you until we reach an approved visual design.


Website: Production

Integration of the approved graphic design commences where the concept images are dissected into web components and appropriate integrated into the CMS. Realise4 also work with you to input your content. This involves making each web page, typesetting of content, customised programming or integration of functional modules, optimisation and placement of images, linking to PDFs and such. This stage is also significant for the coordination of any third-party providers.


Website: Evaluation

As the website is produced, and usually placed on a staging server for: design, production evaluation cycle begins, to ensure all content is accurate and complete.


Website: Installation

If necessary, Realise4 will help you purchase a domain name and recommend web hosting. Then we will install and configure the website, setup any email addresses required (pop3 setup included)


Website: Training and Maintenance

Where applicable, Realise4 provide training in the chosen CMS. Thereafter, an ongoing relationship begins where different content and technical maintenance duties are carried out by each of us. These duties can be explicitly documented when together we determine the tasks.


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