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Social Media Explained

Social Media ExplainedSocial Media is a broad term which encapsulates many platforms and tools, each offering a wide-reaching scope of functions through which a business can connect to its client base. Virtually every business today has a profile on some form of social networking website – whether it's the likes of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest – and is considered the foundation upon which a business can easily target and increase its client base. While these websites may appear to have a great deal in common, each of the major social media sites are distinct from one a [...]
02 APR 2015
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Create a Mobile-Friendly Site in 5 Steps

Create a Mobile-Friendly Site in 5 Steps Website owners everywhere are beginning to feel like school children again after Google issued a wave of emails containing grades on their page's mobile usability. Many were alarmed to read that, '100% of [their pages] have critical mobile usability errors'. With such a low grade, it warns, not only will mobile users suffer in terms of navigation, but your Google ranking can take a hit, too. Read on to find out why the days of designing solely for desktop are over...As a mobile or tablet user, few things are more irritating than trawling through unresp [...]
02 APR 2015
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Why Choose a Content Management System?

Why choose a CMS?Are you looking to expand your business? Or, do you want to cut down the running cost of your official website while keeping it streamlined and updated all the time? The business world is blessed by the advent of CMS or Content Management Systems, which is basically a web design and development system that helps to update, maintain and create contacts with your clients rapidly and in a very large scale.Gone are those days when businessmen had to wait for advertisers and marketing personnel to publish new content or launch a new product, now they can easily set up their own web [...]
17 MAR 2015
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Content Management Systems Made Easy

With so many open source web content management systems now freely available (eg. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, etc.), it can be difficult to pinpoint the right one for your business. You want a content management system (CMS) which serves your needs, and your needs only – that means no frills and no unnecessary tools cluttering up your screen. You may find that being inundated with so many options only serves to add further confusion. Thankfully, there is a way of bypassing all of that.Like you, the team at Realise4 grew so frustrated with off-the-shelf CMSs and their bloated [...]
09 FEB 2015
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