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What are the benefits of setting up an online Shopify store?

Shopify is the perfect platform to begin your ecommerce empire.

Here’s a list of advantages for using Shopify :

1. Ease of setting up and navigation:

Shopify excels at creating a fantastic user experience. The platform is convenient to use and intuitive. It will host your custom domain and you can manage all of the sales process within the platform. They take care of all the server/developer backend for you as well so you can just focus on marketing and selling.


2. Integrated with third-party ecommerce tools:

Shopify is armed with all the best tools, which makes it extremely easier for business owners to sell their products. These tools include third-party services that you can use to optimise your store’s functionality, implement enterprise grade sales services (like dropshipping) and ensure your customers keep coming back.


3. Store template options for great aesthetics:

Shopify’s user-friendly themes are easily customisable. They have store templates preformatted to fit your needs and they also have options for you to have your store designed by a professional web designer (like us) so you can easily stand out from your competition.


4. Allows for easy payments:

Among the platform’s advantages is that the system is integrated with a variety of payment gateways, making it easier for the vendor or the merchant to receive payments.


5. Easily accessible:

You can access your store and be updated with its progress from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. You can sell on the web, social media, mobile platforms, online marketplaces and even on physical stores of your choosing. Shopify will also take care of the necessary upgrades when there is an uplift in sales so you don’t have to worry about the site crashing if you have a spike in traffic.


6. Great customer support:

The platform also makes it easy for beginners who run into technical issues as they have a fantastic service-oriented team. Their round the clock customer support service is accessible via mobile, email or a chat service.


7. Reliable security measures:

Shopify handles all security concerns. Your information as well as your customers’ information is safe within Shopify’s databases.


8. Marketing tools for ecommerce:

Your Shopify store has built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools, which will help you to rank on top searcg engines like Google. The platform also has analytical tools that will help you understabd your customer demogrphaics and in turn design a suitable campaign based on those results. Also available at your disposal are social media integration tools that will enable you to market your product on various mediums.


Are Designers and Developers still required?

Shopify is a great tool that enables you build your website, it covers the majority of the standard build out functions, however if you require specific functions or features, these will not be instantily available, at Realise4 we believe you still need a designer or programmer to assist you with the fundamentals of user flow, image optimisation installation of custom Apps to carry out specific site functions or processes you may require for your products.


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