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Tony is an experienced software technical project leader who has worked in various technology companies in Dublin and Sydney over the past 20 years. Tony has a B.Des. from NIHE Limerick in Industrial Design and a B.Eng from Trinity College Dublin. Tony has worked on new product development with companies such as Nokia, Philips, Olivetti, Samsung, Goldenpages and Ballygowan. Tony has a strong background in software GUI design and is particularly strong in web technologies where he has focused over the last 12 years. Tony prides himself on keeping abreast of current trends and techniques.

His experiences and ongoing projects allows for a constant intermingling of cutting edge technologies and trends, enabling his projects to take advantage of his multidisciplinary skillset to deploy alternative commercial solutions. Tony has the responsibility of outlining technical specifications, managing the team to ensure that all milestones are achieved within the agreed delivery timelines and Identifying, analysing, measuring and managing project risks. Tony oversees the product quality testing for individual accounts and ensures customer configuration meets quality standards before release to customer.


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